which is a toll free service from anywhere in the US and toll free on Skype from anywhere in the world.If you enter your association number as an extension number you will be connected with your associationís manager.If you stay on the line without entering an extension number during business hours, you will be connected to a manager.If you donít know your Associationís number you may find it in the directory by clicking here.Our main number has multiple lines in rotation so you should have no trouble reaching us during business hours.It is easy to remember our phone number since it ends with the zip code of our office in Uptown:92103.So the number becomes your manager or assistant manager is not available and you have an emergency situation involving damage to the property you may enter our emergency extension which is ď711Ē and this will page the on-call manager.If we are in the office we will pick up the emergency call.If the office is closed the answering service will page the on-call manager.If our toll free number doesnít work or our PBX is out of service you may call our answering service directly by calling 619.298.4170.



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